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About Armchair Roto

While working on All-Star Baseball 2002 as a game tester for Acclaim Entertainment, Russell played in his first fantasy baseball league. He drafted Bret Boone, who went on to hit 37 home runs with 118 runs scored and 141 runs batted in. Along with .331 batting average, those were career numbers all around. It led Russell's team to the first of many championships and hooked him on fantasy baseball.


A lawyer by trade today, Russell was part of the early online fantasy sports analysis community as an ESPN Fantasy Sports Correspondent for the Houston Rockets (2003-2007) and the Houston Astros (2006-2007). He covered those teams regularly as a contributor to ESPN's fantasy website.


After ESPN retired the Correspondent pages in 2007, Russell continued developing his player analysis, strategy, approach to diverse league-types, and off-season preparation. He launched Armchair Roto as a platform through which to share his fantasy baseball work and insights. 

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