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MLB Option (& Opt Out) Pick 'Em

With the imminent conclusion of the 2021 World Series, teams and players will soon be faced with important roster decisions that will impact baseball in both real life and fantasy. Within five days of the final Series game, teams and players must make decisions on player options, and players must decide whether or not to exercise an opt out and enter free agency.

I've put together a survey with 35 questions asking you to predict options and opt outs. The deadline for this game will be midnight (Central time) on the evening before the MLB deadline.

Note that some of these decisions have already been discussed publicly and more will be in the coming days, so it behooves you to be up on the news. You may not go back and change answers.

The top three scores will win a free Armchair Roto coffee cup.

Disclosure: Entering your email to play the game signs you up for email blasts each time a new article is published on Feel free to unsubscribe, but I appreciate your continued support!

- Russell


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