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A 2020 Off-Season in Review

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Since officially launching Armchair Roto on November 1, 2020, the site has gained a small following. Thank you for your support. Please continue to visit the site during the 2021 MLB season for updates and new content.

On this eve of opening day 2021, I feel it is appropriate to take stock of the articles posted on Armchair Roto as well as my personal choices in fantasy baseball 2021 via players shares in far too many NFBC leagues.


The Upside of Brandon Lowe - In this October 30 article about Brandon Lowe, I argue that Lowe has set both a new floor and new ceiling for himself and is poised for a leap in 2021.

Understanding 2020: Nomar Mazara Edition - In this October 31 article (With a March 20 update), I discuss how 2020 was a lost season for some players, including Nomar Mazara. I chose to give Mazara a pass in his poor season. After a tumultuous offseason, I think he lands on his feet and becomes fantasy relevant again, at least in deep leagues.

Projecting 2021: Rowdy Tellez Edition - In this November 5 article, I walk through notable changes in Rowdy's approach and predict a major breakout in 2021 with full-time playing opportunity. Even without it, the article argues that Tellez is fantasy relevant in many leagues anyway.

Dynasty Strategy 101: Tandem Reliever Edition - In this November 14 strategy piece, I walk through one of the first offseason moves any good dynasty owner should try to make.

Projecting 2021: Wander Franco Edition - In this November 23 piece on future star, Wander Franco, I fade the young stud in redraft leagues.

Rehabilitating Carter Kieboom - On December 1, I boldly wrote a Carter Kieboom apologist piece. Don't @ me. I'm still buying as a useful asset in dynasty.

The 10 Commandments of Fantasy Baseball - Thou Shalt Practice Fantasy Baseball Etiquette.

Tarik Skubal's MLB Breakout is Coming - This is no longer a hot take, but I predicted it on December 22, 2020, before it was cool.

Colin Moran is a Better Fantasy Option Than You Think - This January 22 piece makes the case for Colin Moran as a useful 2021 asset in most leagues.

Consider Ka-ai Tom in Your Final Rounds - If Blaze Tom has even a moderately productive 2021, I'm going to take the biggest victory lap about a player nobody cares about ever. Article posted February 7.

Finding the Point at Which to Disregard ADP in a 50-Round Draft-And-Hold - The product of far too many draft-and-hold leagues, this February 23 article uses ADP and projection-backed rankings to determine when to completely disregard ADP in a deep draft.

Praise Jesus (Sanchez)! Fun in Small Samples - This March 18 article looks at the power potential of Miami prospect Jesus Sanchez.

Predicting a Mid-Season Closer for Texas, Demarcus Evans - The topic of this March 23 piece is self-evident. Put him on your watch list.


Player Shares:

I also want to put out in the open who my biggest fantasy investments are heading into 2021. The following table shows players I own in at least 30% of my NFBC leagues, which includes 15 Draft Champions, 2 NFBC 50s (which are the same format as Draft Champions), 1 Rotowire Online Championship, and TGFBI.

First, note that there are no top players in this table. I don't put my eggs in one basket in the early rounds. I only own heavy shares of players in mid to late rounds where the impact of a bust is not as strong.

Some players here need no explanation. I put my money where my mouth is, which is why I own heavy shares of players I wrote articles about during the winter (Tom, Moran, Evans, Lowe, Skubal, Sanchez, Mazara)

Other players require some explanation. Because most of these leagues are 15-team 50-round draft-and-hold leagues, they require quite a few dart throws in the late rounds. As you can see, Tyler Ivey was one of my favorite final round darts. Houston's rotation is far from secure, Ivey is a decent mid-tier prospect, and Houston has shown repeated success turning those guys into viable starters.


When the 2021 season ends, I'll circle back and reevaluate my top player shares and each of the published articles for success, failure, and accountability.


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